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This page is no longer being maintained. I've set up a Facebook group called Tim Bells to replace it. If you're a Tim Bell, please join the group! Tim Bell, 2007-11-11
This list of "Tim Bell"s is maintained by Tim Bell, that is, Timothy A. H. Bell, formerly in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and now at Trinity College, the University of Melbourne, Australia.

This is just some idle research into other people with my name.

My interest in other Tim Bells started when my supervisor told me about his colleague, Tim C. Bell, at the University of Canterbury.

After I found a few more Tim Bells, I set up this web page to keep track. Some of these Tim Bells were found using search engines, but recently quite a few people have emailed me and asked to be included on this page.

If your name is Tim Bell and you wish to be added to this list, please email me at: tim@timbell.org. You can tell me a bit about yourself if you like -- but no advertisements, please.

All email adresses posted here are obscured to prevent use by spammers. The technique used has been shown to be effective.

Note that these URLs have been found by searching the web using publicly available web search engines, or by direct submission. If you wish your reference to be removed, please email me.

This service is provided without warranty of any kind. In particular, no warranty is made about the correctness of any of the information here.

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Tim Bell Road

Tim Bell emailed me with information from a friend about Tim Bell Road in Waterford, CA, 95386, U.S.A. It runs off Yosemite Blvd not far from the intersection with the Oakdale Waterford Highway in Waterford.

Looking at a map, it seems that I passed within 30km of Tim Bell Rd when I took the train from Oakland to Yosemite Valley in Feburary 2002. I suppose I'll have to visit next time.

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